Foxy Filler Supplies Using Easy Payment Options
Based on our core policies of discretion , privacy , anonymity and safety . also due to increase pressure from clients on how slow and long the payment process can sometimes be with banks and PayPal , we accept the following payment methods .

There are 4 principal payment methods we rely on and of which client’s anonymity is guaranteed. These methods are Bitcoins(BTC), Western Union(WU), Ria Money Transfer and Money Gram(MG). However, there are many other anonymous methods available. Clients have the right to email us and request to pay by their most comfortable anonymous means of payments. Note that in this business, the “risk goes with the money” hence NEVER think of Cash on Delivery as an option because it will NEVER work out be it with us or with any other Online WeedShop. The “Risk goes with the money” and vice versa.

PayPal(PP) and Debit/Credit Card(CC) transfers and NOT possible. Clients are advised to use their PayPal account/credit/debit card at to buy bitcoins; we recommend bitcoins as the safest and most anonymous means of payments. Contact us to let us know if you prefer a payment method that is not listed here.

Note that, BTC (bitcoins) is our preferred means of payments as its 100% anonymous and secure. Note that every link we provide to you here, is a trusted and secure link. You can now buy bitcoins instantly here .. . Buy bitcoins with your credit card , back account , paypal , gift cards and cash . Locate Bitcoin ATM machine in your city to buy bitcoins with cash . When paying via Bitcoin you need to have the funds ready in your Bitcoin wallet as our payment system requires you to send payment within 14 minutes, if you send payment after 14 minutes you need to send us an email letting us know and include the wallet address you sent payment from . We will manually update your order status for you .

For Western Union or Money Gram transfers, kindly visit the official sites by clicking WU or MG to learn how to make such transfers online or in person at a post bank. Share a visible copy of the receipt and the tracking number (MTCN) with us via email.

Your order will be confirmed once we receive funds and it will be processed and shipped within or after 24 hours.